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After leaving Syria to Iraq and Turkey Omar fell into a depression from the cruelty of circumstances he’d been faced with. Having to work at a very young age, seeing his family struggle to make ends meet, and living as a refugee with no end in sight for their battle had left Omar who was a teenager then with little hope and strength. Upon returning from work one evening he saw his couple of months old little sister Lava sleeping soundly in her crib. She opened her eyes, looked at him and smiled. That was the moment when Omar realised that he will do all that is in his power to protect his sister and make sure that she lives in dignity.
The image taken shows Omar, filled with dust, carrying his sister in his arms at a damaged site while she’s dressed in her princess dress, as a tribute to a situation from their past that has never been captured on a photo. When Lava grows up she will hear the stories that the family had to go through and this image will remain as a reminder to her that she was the moving forces behind her brother finding the strength in the harshest situations.