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Poverty forced Aisha to leave school at the age of 13 and work at a factory in Israel. Seeing her children attend school and receive an education, reminded Aisha of her long dormant dream to continue her studies. By the time Aisha’s daughter reached the 8th grade, Aisha would work the morning selling sweets to children, then attend class with her daughter, only to finish her long day at another job where she worked late night hours. Due to her husband’s serious illness, Aisha was the family’s main source of income. This did not, however, stop Aisha from finishing her education and achieving a nursing diploma that enabled her to work at a dentist’s clinic.
While Aisha is now finishing her BA degree along with her daughter, she continues to live in very harsh economic conditions. Aisha feels depressed about having to take the role of primary breadwinner, “In the end I’m a woman and deserve to feel like one, but what can I do? Wherever I look around I see the occupation. In the eyes of people and in the poverty around me. I live in a prison of constant stress and struggle”