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A visual project combining photography and interviews in search of answers to questions regarding the life, status and situation of today’s women in Palestine.
This project seeks not just to break, but to also replace the stereotypical image so often portrayed of Palestinian women in the western press.
The project will rely on facts, figures, and true stories in hope of shedding a light on a very important situation which till yet has not received the proper attention.
Abeer Ibrahim JaffalAya KhatibAreen Awad ShuaibatDimaAishaDuha IdrizFatima KamelDr. Khuloud DaibesFerial IbrahimHoney ThaljiyehInside the House of a RefugeeJanaKhaldoonMajd and MaysNisreen's KindergartenSana MoussaThe Mother of the Martyr Ahmad MuslehVera BabounHajjaOur Heritage