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Detainee 5

M.K., 18 years old.

M.K. was accused of belonging to a militia group. He was arrested from his family house and held in prison for 18 months. The youth spent 45 days of the 18 months in a cell in solitary confinement with his legs and hands tied together. Various torture techniques were used on him such as sleep deprivation and emotional blackmailing. When M.K. was moved to a group prison he faced group punishment. He was not allowed any visits during that period, neither was he allowed access to the prison canteen. One of the youngest prisoners in his group was a 13 year-old child who was serving a life sentence. During the raid to arrest M.K., his house was attacked by tear gas and sound bombs. This caused his neighbour's daughter to lose her hearing on one side. M.K. is not allowed to leave the city of Nablus for the next 6 years.