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Detainee 1

Z.S., 17 years old.

Z.S' house was attacked on a Thursday night at around 2 a.m with sound bombs and tear gas. Six soldiers broke into his family house and arrested him. The soldiers dragged him to a neighbouring settlement 1km away. During the walk he was beaten by the soldiers and sworn at. He was left outside in the cold, blindfolded, for two hours. During the interrogation he was asked whether he wanted to be treated like an animal or like a human being. The boy's response was 'like a human being'. He was handcuffed and blindfolded as the interrogator electrocuted him several times. He then grabbed his head and banged it against the wall until a second interrogator came in. The interrogator asked him to lay on the ground and started brutally kicking him until he lost consciousness. Z.S. was released that same day. He has not filed any complaints for fear of repercussions.