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In 2002 the Israeli army conducted a siege on the town of Bethlehem as a part of it's operation Defensive Shield during which it imposed a curfew for around 40 days on Palestinians living there. One evening during heavy shelling of the town Halimah, who was then about to enter her 9th month of pregnancy, felt extremely terrified by the loud sounds of shooting and started panicking. Shortly after she felt increased pain in her pelvic area and pain on her chest. Her husband decide to risk his life and take her to the nearest medical centre regardless of the imposed curfew. When they had reached the centre they were told that there wasn't a women's doctor and Halimah was only given first aid. An ambulance attempted to transfer Halimah to a hospital in Jerusalem to receive the needed treatment, but the car was stopped for more than two hours at an Israeli checkpoint, by the time the medical team was able to pass through the checkpoint the baby inside Halimah had died.